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Love is...somewhat akin to mania, a temporary condition of… - Old Veteran Hoofer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Old Veteran Hoofer

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[Nov. 26th, 2009|08:55 am]
Old Veteran Hoofer
Love is...somewhat akin to mania, a temporary condition of selfishness, a transient confusion of identity. It enables man to predicate of others who are his other selves, that which he is ashamed to say about his real self. I will suppose the beloved object to be ugly, stupid, vicious, perverse, selfish, low-minded, or the reverse; man finds it charming by the same rule that makes his faults and foibles dearer to him than all the virtues and qualities of his neighbours. Ye call love a spell, an alchemy, a deity. Why? Because it deifies self by gratifying all man's pride, man's vanity, and man's conceit, under the mask of complete unegotism. Who is not in heaven when he is talking of himself? and...of what else consists all the talk of lovers?

(The fact that the lines are delivered by a baital makes them no less true. Nope.)